Nothing About Us Without Us

Want to join the movement? Consider these ideas for elevating constituent voice (and come back to this page often, as we will be adding more ideas, along with guides, tools, and templates to jump-start your organizing efforts! 

Craft your story

Learning to tell and effective story is an art. To get started, review our Strategic Sharing Guide. Once you have your story crafted, we hope you will share it with us!

Attend a Town Hall

Your Senators and Representatives in Washington DC regularly travel back to their home states and hold public meetings called Town Halls. Come back for more information about how you can participate.

Assemble a Panel

Constituent panels are an effective way to educate others about the foster care system from the perspective of people who have lived experience with the system. Come back for more information about how to arrange a panel.

Write an Op-Ed

Policymakers and other VIPs pay attention to opinion pieces that are published in local newspapers. Come back for more information about how you can partner with the Family Voices United campaign to get an Op-Ed published.