"In order to help relative caregivers navigate supports and services for children they are raising they should receive monthly financial support, funds for higher education and opportunities to receive training. 

Financial support should be provided monthly so they have the funds necessary to provide the needs of children in their care. They should be eligible to receive the same benefits as licensed foster and/or adoptive parents. 

All children who go to relative caregivers should be eligible for funds to pay for higher education no matter what age they go into care. Relative caregivers should not be expected to cover the costs of higher education. 

Caregivers should have the option to attend free training that would help them understand how to care for children who have behavioral issues and have experienced childhood trauma. This will help them become better caregivers and equip them with the skills they need to address the difficult issues that come from adverse childhood experiences. 

The more support relative caregivers receive, the more likely relatives will step up to care for their family members. This will help to lower the number of foster homes needed and decrease the number of children in foster care."

Family Voices United member, Yeshi, shares her thoughts on supporting relatives in navigating resources and services for the children they are raising.