Family Voices United wants to hear from YOU!

If you are a foster youth or alumni, parent or relative/kinship caregiver - please take 5 minutes and share your perspective!

Each state is at a different point in the implementation process and we know that elevating your voices is critical for state leaders, legislators and the public to understand how Family First Prevention Services Act could benefit children, youth and families.


This month's question:

Would mental health services have helped your family stay together, or shortened time in the child welfare system?


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Background info: 

Recently, a historic new law was signed that will change how foster care works. It's called the Family First Prevention Services Act (called "Family First" for short!). Each state is moving at a different pace to enact the new law. Constituent voice (the voices of youth/alumni, parents, and relatives) was critical to getting the law passed, and we believe it's critical to strengthen our voices, EVEN MORE, to ensure the law meets its full potential for improving outcomes for kids and families. 


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