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Family Voices United wants to hear from YOU!

If you are a current or former foster youth, parent, or relative/kinship caregiver - share your voice - and you could win $50!


This month's question:

What makes you hopeful this year?                                                                                   

**and how does that impact you, your family, and/or your peers? 

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Background info: 

Hope is what keeps us grounded as advocates, allies, caregivers, current and former foster youth, and parents. Hope is what builds resilience and what keeps us dreaming, fighting, and loving. As we raise our voices to provide insight to Policymakers and administrators on developing and shaping a child welfare that is just, equitable, and supportive to all families. We want to make sure the families we serve stay inspired, and hopeful. In the Consolidated Appropriations Act, a COVID-19 relief package that includes significant supports to families in and from the child welfare system. Implemented this law will help families who are severely impacted by the pandemic, this type of relief keeps us hopeful as a community. Want to learn more about resources and support? Contact with questions.