Listen as Family Voices United members share their concerns, supports needed, and suggestions on school reopening. Click here to listen

Podcast Features: 

Natalie Clark, FosterClub Young Leader from Utah 

Tecoria Jones, Birth Parent National Network Member from South Carolina

Christine Benslimen, GRAND Voices Network Member from Pennsylvania 

Family Voices United is a campaign dedicated to ensuring the voices of those with firsthand experience are heard across the child welfare system. We bring together the voices of young people, birth parents, and relative caregivers - so we can inform other folks in the child welfare field including policymakers and other stakeholders. 

As the many states in the United States consider reopening schools whether in person or continue in remote learning (or somewhere in between), planning for reopening is an opportunity to re-examine, transform, and improve our education system to center our most vulnerable families and students. The voices of kinship caregivers, birth parents, current and former foster youth will provide insight to Policymakers and administrators on their needs, strategies, and supports needed to reopen to prioritize the social, mental, physical safety during the reopening process. Want to learn more about resources and support? Contact with questions. 

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Birth Parent National Network's Opportunities:

Generations United: 

  • Read Generations United racial equity resources for African Americans and Native American Grandfamilies improve culturally-appropriate supports and services. 
  • Coming Soon: Annual Grandfamilies report on grandfamilies and COVID-19 September 2020. 
  • COVID-19 factsheet for grandfamilies with tips on staying healthy, informed and practicing self-care during COVID-19 now includes educational resources! 

Family Voices United 

  • Share your perspective with Family Voices United on What is needed to ensure school reopenings are safe and equitable for children and families who are most impacted by COVID-19?
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