Listen as Family Voices United members share self-care lessons and practices. Learn how constituents are taking surviving, prioritizing self-care, and supporting eachother during a crisis. Click here to listen! 

Podcast Features: 

VicTOR Sims, FosterClub Young Leader & NPCC Member from Florida 

Magdalena Andreozzi, GRAND Voices Network Member and founder of GrandsFlourish from Rhode Island

Denise Moore, Birth Parent National Network Member from Iowa

Family Voices United is a campaign dedicated to ensuring the voices of those with firsthand experience are heard across the child welfare system. We bring together the voices of young people, birth parents, and relative caregivers - so we can inform other folks in the child welfare field including policymakers and other stakeholders. 

The impacts of COVID-19 and racial injustices happening right now around the world makes self-care for families more essential than ever. Parents and relatives have been asked to really change their traditional routines and find ways to care, teach, and support their kids during a crisis. Right now, families are experiencing an overwhelming increase in pressure, we are hopeful the powerful voices of constituents will provide support and demonstrate how important prioritizing self-care to keep you and your family mentally, emotionally and physically well.

Resources & Events mentioned on the podcast: 

Generations United: 

Birth Parent National Network's Opportunities:

  • Calling All Birth Parents: The Birth Parent National Network is recruiting for new members (view the flyer which includes 2020 events)
  • The birth parent national network is hosting weekly caring conversations for the opportunity for families to come together and share experiences, successes, and concerns. Register HERE for the next Caring Conversation
  • Click Here to download past webinars hosted by the BPNN. Click Here to Download Materials from the Webinar. 
  • Tool for parents on how the Protective Factors Can Help Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis
  • View parent-to-parent resources through the BPNN Parent voice page.  
  • Take action and participate in the BPNN Protective Factors Social Media Campaign to promote resilience and self-care.